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A Foundation of Passion

Innovative Veterinary Medicine (IVM) began very simply: a doctor and a tackle box filled with the tools of the trade.  In the summer of 2006, under the banner “Your living room is our waiting room,” IVM set out to rediscover what made the veterinary profession so great.  Leaving all the distractions of a modern hospital behind allowed IVM to truly focus on one patient at a time; heightening the bonding experience with clients and patients in the comfort of their own home.  IVM built its foundation upon the strength of these early experiences (cont.)


(cont.) In 2007, IVM upgraded from a road-worn Range Rover to a new mobile clinic complete with a receptionist and a technician.  Life was an adventure and IVM grew rapidly.  The businesses ever expanding clientele took it from Skidaway Island to Tybee Island and each day presented new challenges to overcome.  For three years IVM fortified its foundation, “Innovating the Art of Veterinary Medicine.”

By 2009, renovation of the present clinic on Skidaway road was completed.  The new challenge was to blend the unparalleled care IVM was practicing with a state of the art, digitized hospital.  This process required IVM to re-think the processes of a traditional Veterinary hospital.  The end result is still to come, but it’s the journey that keeps life interesting.  IVM is a place where doctors and staff are able to enjoy their profession and practice medicine… exceptionally well.